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In May 2016 I graduated from DeSales University with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Art. At DeSales I learned this ins and outs of the Adobe Creative Suite; I learned the basics of 3D modeling and animation in Autodesk Maya; and I brushed up on my C++, HTML, and CSS skills, and learned the basics of JQuery. I have done freelance work for companies and individuals doing logo designs, t-shirt designs, and photo/video editing. I am always looking to add to my skillset in order to better my designs and give my clients the best product I am capable of creating.



Music means the world to me. I currently play drums in a three-piece band by the name of YelloCake and I also make some solo music. I have written and recorded an album with YelloCake and I had a song featured in a piece in DeSales University's 2016 Dance Informal Concert. YelloCake has performed at DeSales' Bulldog Bash, won first place at DeSales' 2014 Battle of the Bands, and performed at Relay for Life. When making music, I draw inspiration from a wide variety of genres. Metal, Hiphop, Reggae, Electronic; In YelloCake we constantly try to find different ways to incorporate elements of different genres.



All I want to do is create and modify. I have built several desktop computers, I have worked on guitars, cars, phones, game consoles, laptops, etc. My interest in building and modifying started as far back as I can remember. As a kid I was always looking up how to hack and mod just about everything I owned. Phones, consoles, computers; I was always looking to get the most out of what I had and push the limits of what it as capable of. At any one time I have several projects that I am researching, planning, or working on. Creating is a passion of mine and my life's goal is to leave my mark on the world with something I have created.

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